Hygiene Automation a challenge by Siemens Healthineers


High patient infection rates are a key challenge for caregivers globally. According to the WHO, 15% of all patients worldwide suffer from healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) alongside infections through nosocomial pathogens including different kind of bacteria, viruses or fungal parasites during hospitalization. At the same time the number of at-risk patients with immuno-compromised health conditions increase f.e. elderly patients, patients on ventilators or with catheters. In Germany alone it´s accounted that 30.000 patients per year die from (cross-)infections picked up during their stay in clinics. Healthcare providers like hospitals need to find ways to prevent the spread and exposure of infectious diseases, especially since the clinical environment itself is prone to develop antibiotic-resistant microorganisms over time. With the criticality of the mentioned HCAI prevalence in mind, the goal is to create new best in class hygienic practices, assisting clinical staff in identifying and deep cleaning areas of concern.

Technology-driven hygiene solutions provide a promising outlook towards overcoming significant mortality rates through HCAI while lowering the financial burden and overcrowding of hospitals due to prolonged stays. Developments in areas like robotics, AI-driven sensing alongside concepts for mechanical and material science solutions represent only few parts to be considered in creating impactful systems for protecting patients, medical staff and visitors from potential contagions.

Thereby, areas for exposure are seen within critical hospital environmental conditions i.e. microorganisms endemics, insufficient cleaning practices or by mobile carriers potentially causing cross contamination i.e. wheels of patient tables or other mobile devices.

Typical materials of concern involve but are not limited to:

• Chemicals, microorganisms, and bacterial spores

• Blood and secretions

• Organic material (e.g.: dirt, body fluids)

• Organic soil and oils, fats, and greases

• Dust


• Clinical waste (wherein 20-25% accounts as hazardous)

Siemens Healthineers supports customers by providing comprehensive and easy to clean devices like our robotic imaging system ARTIS pheno for angiography – helping caregivers to meet highest hygienic standards, with large and sealed surfaces, antimicrobial coatings as well as fully integrated cables preventing bacteria and viruses from multiplying on the systems. It´s important to support medical teams worldwide with new solutions to maintain highest standards in care in all areas of patient pathways.


Development of a hygiene-sensing and/or autonomous cleaning system able to assist clinical staff members within different cleaning processes and providing informed decisions about areas to undergo for deep cleans in various hospital areas. Solutions should consider clinical workflows and reduce the time and steps needed for respective cleaning procedures for staff members while providing high quality outcomes.

Solution areas might include:

• Integrated self-cleaning mechanisms for medical modalities and devices

• (Automated) cleaning mechanisms for different kind of wheels represented in hospitals.

• Vision based hygiene sensing systems able to perform inspection of areas of concern and f.e. providing feedback for further decision-making through heatmapping

• Real-time monitoring and feedback about hygienic conditions


• Robots to assist the cleaning process

protecting at-risk patients in hospitals and provide best in care solutions.


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