PACKAGE DATA a challenge by Simon Hegele


Reliable data generated in line with requirements is essential for the optimal handling of logistics processes. This data is collected in specific areas of logistics, for example in goods receipt, and is then made available for many other logistics applications along the process chains, right through to billing. Currently, the creation of important data is mostly done manually. To determine the volume of a package, for example, dimensions are taken manually and entered into the warehouse management system via a manual posting. This process is necessary for almost every package. Due to the enormous volume of packages handled in our processes on a daily basis, this creates a considerable time and thus personnel overhead. Manual data entry is also prone to errors and affects the quality of the data. High data quality, on the other hand, is absolutely essential, especially in sensitive areas of operation such as billing, so that consequential problems can be avoided.

In principle, the use of automation and robotics offers the potential for improving data collection in logistics. However, the integration of automated solutions is fraught with challenges.  A major problem in automation is that it creates rigid processes that compromise flexibility and cause considerable effort in case of change. Flexibility in handling our processes is an important performance advantage for us as a logistics service provider. Existing systems for data collection have thus been difficult to reconcile with our processes. In addition, we handle a wide, hardly standardized spectrum of materials in our logistics centers. This ranges from simple, small cartons to large medical devices. Shape, volume and surface texture vary greatly.

Existing systems that enable automated recognition of objects are reaching their limits due to our special requirements. Therefore, a new approach to the development of such a system is required.


Develop a system for flexible and automated acquisition of package data in logistics, taking into account the following conditions:
(1)The system can be used flexibly in different logistics areas, wherever logistics data is generated. The system adapts to the process, not vice versa (mobile system, no fixed installation).
(2)The system covers the specified range of materials
(3)The system has the following functionalities:

  • Measurement of packages for the generation of volume data
  • Object recognition or generation of data for object recognition (creation of 3D data sets)
  • Recognition of object properties (e.g. damage, identification of packages based on object data)
  • Availability of the acquired data for further use in connected processes


  • The new system automates the capture of package data according to requirements
  • The manual effort required to record package data is significantly reduced by the new system – significant cost savings
  • The processes for recording package data take less time – significant acceleration of processes
  • The new system provides comprehensive, high-quality data – added value for all processes in which this data is used


  • Incoming goods – identification of goods, detection of damage, scan / measurement of delivered goods
  • Storage – calculation of storage volume, invoicing of warehouse rent, search for packages in the warehouse, storage suggestion based on package data
  • Packing – calculation of packing material, scan / measurement of packed goods
  • Shipping – calculation of optimal storage, avoidance of loading errors by object recognition
  • Accounting – exact accounting of the storage volume


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