IMAGE REGISTRATION a challenge by Interventional Systems


Interventional Systems is an interventional radiology company that develops robotic technology for image-guided procedures. As part of its roadmap, the company intends to use Ultrasound as the main imaging method for the procedures. The patient is often diagnosed using pre-operative CT data and the procedure conducted using intraoperative CT. Interventional Systems aims at replacing the use of X-ray as the primary source of imaging for interventions, and instead use a 2D Ultrasound device to target lesions, under real-time imaging. For greater accuracy and user experience, it shall be possible to fuse, in real-time, the ultrasound and CT data. Ultrasound is also intended to detect and measure deviations of relevant anatomical structures.


Develop a solution for the registration of 2D ultrasound images with the corresponding 3D CT dataset. Sub-challenge: create an algorithm to detect the spine contour and nerves.


What is in for the winning team? Besides the money reward of 2.500 Euro you are getting as a winner, you will also get a fully paid 3-day workshop in Interventional Systems’ R&D office in Wattens for hands-on experience with the robot and do an integration bootcamp of the solution. Offer of a robotic system and API for robotic control for investigation and research projects on the winning institution.


Interventional Systems/iSYS ( is the precision medical robotics company for the 21st century. Through its miniature robotics solutions for image guided interventions and patient stabilization products, Interventional Systems leverages technology to bring medical interventions into the future. Interventional Systems is committed to making healthcare simpler, more comfortable, more hygienic, more affordable, and more efficient. Interventional Systems is headquartered in Kitzbühel, Austria, and has offices in Austria and Germany.

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